World Championship (Game Five)

World Championship (Game Five)

The Planet Greenpawn

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That picture was meant for game four but then I remembered
that it was Magnus Carlsen’s birthday so I did a cake instead.

( I spend more time on the cartoons than I do analysing the games.)

Game 5 was in my opinion a pretty dull affair. It had the makings of a cracker but
Nepo seemed to suddenly not believe in the position and let Carlsen off the hook.

I was saccing bits on g7 and h6 and went onto chess24 to see what they were
thinking just in time to see Giri show a lovely win. (much better than mine.)
Of course this is how good players think, they fantasise, the problem with me is
I could never tell the defence between fantasy and reality (probably I never will.)

So do give Giri’s line a view (it’s a double Rook sac - not forced, but pretty.)
The Rules

I. Nepomniachtchi - M. Carlsen Game 5 Chess World Champion 2021.

The Anish Giri line, I think I could have hit it eventually but he saw it right away.

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