World Championship (Game Three)

World Championship (Game Three)

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World Championship (Game Three)

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First the answers from last weeks Chess Trivia Quiz. There were four
questions but due to some glitch (see below) only three had valid answers.

1) Karpov, Reggae and Crocodile Shoes.
2) The missing word was ‘faradisation.’
3) ‘No’ however you can on a Thursday.

Question 4 was set up all wrong. There were no Kings in the diagram,
which was in fact round the wrong way and Black had twelve pawns.

The last two games, games one and two, had us on tenterhooks,
though I’ve no idea what a tenterhook is, probably a hook used
for putting up tents but as I was never a boy scout or a camper
or run away to join a circus I’ve never actually put up a tent.

I got the word ‘tenterhooks’ from some blogger writing a report about
game two in Chess34. He has a grade off the 24 hour clock (over 2359)
so it must be relevant. ( it might have something to do with computers.)

In game one Magnus sacced a gambit pawn for loads of active play but that game
was drawn. In Game two Magnus sacced a pawn and the exchange, it looked lost
for both players (hence the tenterhooks) but that was also abandoned as a draw.

We are now onto game three. Games one and two ended in a three fold repetition.
Will this game go the same way. Will the arbiter then declare the match drawn?

The Rules

I. Nepomniachtchi - M. Carlsen Game 3, Chess World Champion 2021.

I mention a Knight sac on e5. Here is a game with that idea.

K. Arakhamia-Grant - B. Cemre Yildiz, Women’s European Ch 2010.

I did Keti’s section of best games in ‘Rampant Chess’ this one did not make it but it
was a case of picking 5 from 105 good games so a few tactical gems had to left out.

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 191191
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