Yifan and Gunsberg and The Chess  Machine

Yifan and Gunsberg and The Chess Machine

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Yifan and Gunsberg and The Chess Machine

The Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Tournament is over. Who won? Who cares?

Main stream media jumped all over this event because of five
moves played by Hou Yifan in her round 10 game v Babu Lalith .

Depending on what medium you are getting this information from.
TV or Newspaper, The hapless viewer or reader was not told who
actually won the Gibraltar tournament (it was Hikaru Nakamura )

Hou Yifan whose 5 chess moves made history.
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The reason for the five move calamity runs something like this.

In 2016 Women’s World Chess Champion Hou Yifan pulled out of
the Women’s Championship cycle because she did not like the format.
Another reason she gave was she wanted to play more men to improve.

At the Tradewise tournament, Hou, to her dismay was paired with seven
woman in 9 rounds and thinking this was FIDE getting back at her and
receiving no explanation from the organisers other than the draw “came
out of machine”, she embarked on this 5 move protest game v Lalith.

We wonder what this RHP player was protesting about.:
White played the first 4 moves as in Yifan v Lalith 2016.

buddahkhan09 - The Gravedigger RHP 2015

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A picture of the final resignation from Chess Editor
John Saunders who was at the right place at right time.

The draw has since been checked and rechecked. Apparently it is sound.
Hou was just displaying good chess players paranoia (they all have it)

Hou may have raged against the machine but poor Isidor Gunsberg (1854-1930)
was trapped inside one. It was he who operated the Chess Automaton Mephisto.
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And just by pure chance here is Mephisto (Gunsberg) in action.

Mephisto v N.N. 1883.

red pawns

Hey Greenpawn

Good Question. A minimal two-mover is a type of chess problem where
White has only two men (one of them is a King ) and mates in 2 moves.

This is probably the most famous one. Sam Loyd 1859.

White to play and mate in two moves.

The solution is 1.Qa1 and Qh8 mate next move.

If Black could castle then there is no mate in two. However if
you carefully look at the position you will see Black’s last move
must have been either a King or a Rook move. Castling is illegal.

Here another, This time you solve it. O. Dehler 1919.

White to play and mate in two moves.

Solution at the bottom of the page.

And finally another, note the date. C. Tomlinson 1845.

White to play and mate in two moves.

Do you think that one was just too simple?
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Title here

VadimGorovoy - goodknightout RHP 2013

White played bxc8=Q stalemate.

JCWolfe - fecherico RHP 2014

White played gxf8=Q stalemate.

mape - jdias RHP 2008

Black played f1=Q Stalemate.

In all cases if the promoting player had taken a Rook it
was mate in two. All of which brings me nicely onto....
red doom

I really should put myself in here, recently I’ve been having an awful run
at OTB games. My worse ever since I began playing. (I’m too old for OTB ).
I will spiral down from 2000+ to 1600 within one year. I’ve just got bad.

In a league match I gave a Knight away for nothing.........with a check!
I resigned right away and my silly move lost the match. I am not what
one would call flavour of the month down at the chess club these days.

Anyway enough of me let us see what you lot have been up to.

Kratic - goriupp RHP 2017

This one falls into the ‘any old move wins’ category. First we see what happened.

Now just one of many ways how the above game could have finished.

Now a smash and grab, but the first grab was missed.

kingdog - Millwall Bill, RHP 2016

Black to play.

Black missed Qxg2 Mate. We join the game a few moves later.

A sham sacrifice setting up a King and Queen Knight fork should be part of every
players armory. White missed it Hopefully now having seen it the player will be
aware of such tricks and know it’s not only in G.M. games these trick shot appear.

The Postman - stevehewitt RHP 2017

I am going to say it again. You must checks all checks!

QueenGambit1 - jmi75 RHP 2017

red pawns

The solution to the O. Dehler problem.

1.Rb5 is the only move to give checkmate next move.

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