You Lot Nearly Let Me Down......

You Lot Nearly Let Me Down......

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You Lot Nearly Let Me Down......

You have let me down.

OK I know this is the first time but it still counts as a let down.

I boast in the bars, coffee houses and sleazy joints that I hang about in that there is not
an OTB trick these GM types have played that none of my RHP gang have also played.

Witness this as an example of Team RHP not letting me down.

Nimzovitch - Alekhine, Vilna, 1912

I just knew one of my guys (that is you miserable lot) would have an example.

Mahoutsoukai - Shelrock57 RHP.2007

And another, this time the lesson is only 15 moves long.

maglor - lazza RHP 2006

Good. everything is fine and dandy, RHP never lets me down…..then I saw this.

Karpov - Trammell, St Martin, 1992

Same idea from a GM game and this one is even better.

Hector - Carstensen, Copenhagen .2003

Surely one my RHP mob has done this. I’d have put money on it.

masterfosse - dinc168 RHP 2012 (Black to move)

We can all now see 1….Kf4 2 Kg8 2.Qe8 mate.
Alas dinc168 did not see it and played 1…c5 instead.

boriskrol - Eric Crook RHP 2007 (Black to play)

Another miss. Black took the h-pawn. 1.Qd5 the h-pawn moves, it’s taken, Kb8 and mate.

Ekke - widget RHP 2013 (White to play)

White refrained from playing 1.Qxd4 Kb1 2.Qg1 mate.

Instead this actual game went on for another 47 moves

I’m thinking perhaps Russ should bring a charge of a penny a move.
I bet then players would look more carefully at ways to wrap up the game.

White in this next game is called ‘iwillgetyou’ perhaps it should be ‘iwillgetyou - eventually.’

I’m sorry for sounding so bitchy but I brag about you lot all over the net. There aint
nothing a GM can do that you lot can’t, I’m proud of you. I’ve lost my bragging rights.

iwillgetyou - Foy RHP 2013 (White to play.)

The theme is all too familiar White pushed his pawn and won 20 moves later. How about 1.Qe4!

I’m so sad, all these mugwump posters from other sites have won.

“There is nothing you can learn from any under 1600 game.” is their war cry. I loved proving them wrong.

stop press

Joy of joys. I found this. I just knew someone somewhere would have one.

Dannyfonk - inkdot RHP 2014 (Black to play)

Oh please tell me Black played 1….Qe5 and mate next move.

OH No! he played 1…Ke6. But that is OK it’s the same idea. 2.Kg8 is forced 2…Qb8 mate.

Yabba-Dabba That Will Doo and then a few minutes later I stumbled upon this.

rickyrook - tombeatenbaugh RHP 2013

We will play this one out, it has some instructive moments.

red pawns

Normal service has been resumed. I’m your friend again.

Let’s end with Specimen Number 118 from the Red Hot Pawn Museum of Misery.


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