Zeno the Rat + 8 Knights a Mating.

Zeno the Rat + 8 Knights a Mating.

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Zeno is a Rat.

Not User 280120 I’m talking about Zeno the Rat.


It obvious you have not read ‘The Chessplayers’ by Charles L. Harness.
The story takes place in the K Street Chess Club and one of the members
knows a professor Schmidt who has a Rat called Zeno that can play Chess.

Zeno the Rat

The professor wants Zeno the Rat to give a simultaneous display
at the K Street Chess Club.

The club secretary, Mr. Nottingham Jones……..

No spoiler here. Read it for yourself. it’s quite funny.
Google it.

And now I will impress you with my poetry.

I know what you are thinking:
“Is there no end to this man’s talent?”

The Pawn.

Being a pawn is crap,
because you often get sacced.

That’s it.
No joke being a pawn. Your only real moment of glory comes when
you finally reach the 8th rank, even then your owner may under promotes you.

Imagine the miserable conversations the pawns have after a game

“I got sacced on move 3.”

“I was the rear doubled pawn for the whole game.”

“I was isolated.”

“I got to the 8th rank….and was promoted to a Knight.”

Which brings us nicely on to….Knight Under promotions.
This must be the Grand daddy of them all composed by Cheron in 1954

The diagram is the correct way up.

(The Poem, the pawns talking to each other, all that just to get to a link
to a Cheron study from 1964?.....Russ)


Cheron 1964.
(actually it is an improved version of the study set by Shrinkman in 1908)
Mate in 8 and each move under promotes to a Knight.

The first move is 1.b8=N+

We now let the PGN thing take over.

So off I went looking for an RHP example of under promotion and stumbled
across yet another missed mate in one!

The object of the game is to checkmate the opposing player’s King.
White spends 34 moves setting it up and then misses it….twice!

iplaytowin - mfc RHP 2008.

34 d8=N+ Kf6.

35 Rxc2 (35 Re6 is mate.) 35….Nc5

White protected the f-pawn 36.g3 (35 Rd6 is mate).
It finished 1-0 eight moves later.

I found this wee sparkler that should have featured with the Hook Mate Blog.

Quirine - gbjames RHP 2006

green bar
And now a poem about Alekhine.

‘Alexander Alekhine
Looked nothing like Ruben Fine’

That’s it.
Alekhine’s Best Games 1908-1923. In my opinion a much better book and
more instructive to the student of the game than his 1924-1937 Best Games.

His 1908-23 games are full of deep tricks & traps and bright breezy games
that the student can seek to imitate.

That is because after 1923 he had to play a better class of player and gave
games from five World Championship matches. You have to get good before
you can have a bash at imitating those.

Also before 1924 he never had his ‘e’

(What on earth are you talking about now?………..Russ)


Alekhine Books

The ‘e’ is missing at the end of his name in his first volume.
Adding the ‘e’ made him a stronger player.

Here is a game from the 1908-23 book which is followed by
a nice piece of play from an RHP player.

A. Alekhine - E. Cohn Stockholm 1912 (Game 10 in 1908-1923)

SArobert - Spikerone RHP 2008

We end with an example of a running King.

mikelom (1975) - Melvyn de Jesus (1953) RHP 2011

Mikelom’s King is hunted into the middle of board and runs to h1
with Melvyn shooting at his heels all the way.

We end with a couple of still cartoons.

mtn2top - Rotti RHP 2009 Black to play.

Black played 59. Ke4 Stalemate.

3drico - stephenwale RHP 2007 White to play

1.Re5 K anywhere 2.Kf2 followed by Rx the e-pawn.
Instead White found 1.Kg1 Stalemate.

I’m still waiting for pictures of any you playing chess in a railway station.
Or indeed any pictures. I’d like to see pics of your chess club or where in
your house you play/study chess.
Infact Anything except pictures of family pets. (unless it's a chess playing Rat.)



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