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CPU (Chess Players United) Club
For all to join who enjoy chess...and wouldn't mind learning some more. Looking for more members!!
    Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
    12656003Subscriber texasnurseDonation Luck22 Mar '18 19:47infoIn progress
    12636295Subscriber king0809Subscriber texasnurse22 Mar '18 18:47infoIn progress
    12636275Subscriber texasnurseSubscriber king080922 Mar '18 18:42infoIn progress
    12652148Subscriber texasnurseDonation Luck22 Mar '18 15:04infoIn progress
    12652111Donation LuckSubscriber texasnurse22 Mar '18 15:03infoIn progress
    12644863Subscriber texasnurseDonation Luck22 Mar '18 15:03infoIn progress
    12644820Donation LuckSubscriber texasnurse22 Mar '18 15:03infoIn progress
    12550284Subscriber texasnurseSubscriber beatlemania22 Mar '18 02:23infoIn progress
    12550281Subscriber beatlemaniaSubscriber texasnurse22 Mar '18 02:23infoIn progress
    12636271Subscriber texasnurseSubscriber andrew12zy18 Mar '18 03:48infoIn progress
    12636194Subscriber andrew12zySubscriber texasnurse18 Mar '18 03:48infoIn progress
    12628775Subscriber andrew12zySubscriber texasnurse18 Mar '18 03:47infoIn progress
    12628852Subscriber texasnurseSubscriber andrew12zy18 Mar '18 03:47infoIn progress
    12435371Subscriber texasnurseSubscriber andrew12zy18 Mar '18 03:47infoIn progress
    12435360Subscriber andrew12zySubscriber texasnurse18 Mar '18 02:30infoIn progress
    12636291Subscriber king0809Subscriber andrew12zy17 Mar '18 20:13infoIn progress
    12636195Subscriber andrew12zySubscriber king080917 Mar '18 20:13infoIn progress
    12609753Subscriber texasnurseSubscriber andrew12zy14 Mar '18 00:48infoTimeout (1-0)
    12609714Subscriber andrew12zySubscriber texasnurse14 Mar '18 00:48infoTimeout (0-1)
    12562754Subscriber texasnurseDonation Luck09 Mar '18 16:31infoResigned (1-0)
    12608421Subscriber texasnurseDonation Luck09 Mar '18 00:06infoResigned (1-0)
    12586454Donation LuckSubscriber texasnurse05 Mar '18 19:20infoCheckmate (1-0)
    12608378Donation LuckSubscriber texasnurse03 Mar '18 08:13infoCheckmate (0-1)
    12552596Subscriber texasnurseDonation Luck26 Feb '18 04:51infoCheckmate (0-1)
    12562751Donation LuckSubscriber texasnurse23 Feb '18 15:38infoResigned (0-1)
    12436702Subscriber texasnurseSubscriber beatlemania05 Feb '18 04:03infoCheckmate (0-1)
    12436677Subscriber beatlemaniaSubscriber texasnurse02 Feb '18 03:15infoResigned (1-0)
    12408482Subscriber beatlemaniaSubscriber texasnurse31 Dec '17 04:48infoCheckmate (1-0)
    12408533Subscriber texasnurseSubscriber beatlemania19 Dec '17 02:47infoCheckmate (0-1)
    12315764Subscriber beatlemaniaSubscriber texasnurse19 Dec '17 02:47infoCheckmate (1-0)

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