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CPU (Chess Players United) Club
For all to join who enjoy chess...and wouldn't mind learning some more. Looking for more members!!
    Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
    12868709Donation LuckSubscriber richard spedale 218 Sep '18 14:19infoIn progress
    12886042Subscriber texasnurseDonation Luck18 Sep '18 14:12infoIn progress
    12886035Donation LuckSubscriber texasnurse18 Sep '18 14:12infoIn progress
    12896024Donation LuckSubscriber texasnurse18 Sep '18 14:11infoIn progress
    12896029Subscriber texasnurseDonation Luck18 Sep '18 14:06infoIn progress
    12883374Donation LuckSubscriber texasnurse18 Sep '18 14:05infoIn progress
    12883375Subscriber texasnurseDonation Luck18 Sep '18 14:03infoIn progress
    12870579Subscriber texasnurseDonation Luck18 Sep '18 14:03infoIn progress
    12864525Subscriber king0809Subscriber richard spedale 218 Sep '18 06:39infoIn progress
    12864532Subscriber richard spedale 2Subscriber king080918 Sep '18 06:39infoIn progress
    12869360Subscriber richard spedale 2Subscriber beatlemania18 Sep '18 06:22infoIn progress
    12869309Subscriber beatlemaniaSubscriber richard spedale 218 Sep '18 06:22infoIn progress
    12805668Subscriber beatlemaniaSubscriber texasnurse18 Sep '18 05:06infoCheckmate (0-1)
    12869618Subscriber texasnurseDonation Luck17 Sep '18 13:56infoResigned (0-1)
    12867901Subscriber texasnurseSubscriber richard spedale 216 Sep '18 14:35infoTimeout (1-0)
    12867940Subscriber richard spedale 2Subscriber texasnurse16 Sep '18 14:35infoTimeout (0-1)
    12805699Subscriber texasnurseSubscriber beatlemania10 Sep '18 05:07infoResigned (0-1)
    12435371Subscriber texasnurseSubscriber andrew12zy05 Sep '18 01:03infoIn progress
    12869593Donation LuckSubscriber texasnurse04 Sep '18 15:02infoResigned (1-0)
    12869624Subscriber texasnurseSubscriber king080902 Sep '18 23:45infoTimeout (1-0)
    12869643Subscriber king0809Subscriber texasnurse02 Sep '18 23:44infoTimeout (0-1)
    12869596Donation LuckSubscriber king080902 Sep '18 23:14infoTimeout (1-0)
    12869639Subscriber king0809Donation Luck02 Sep '18 23:14infoTimeout (0-1)
    12870536Donation LuckSubscriber texasnurse02 Sep '18 14:39infoCheckmate (1-0)
    12867430Subscriber texasnurseDonation Luck02 Sep '18 14:34infoCheckmate (0-1)
    12698441Subscriber king0809Subscriber andrew12zy01 Sep '18 09:03infoIn progress
    12698428Subscriber andrew12zySubscriber king080901 Sep '18 09:02infoIn progress
    12865178Subscriber richard spedale 2Subscriber king080929 Aug '18 16:18infoTimeout (0-1)
    12865171Subscriber king0809Subscriber richard spedale 229 Aug '18 16:18infoTimeout (1-0)
    12865128Donation LuckSubscriber king080927 Aug '18 19:44infoTimeout (1-0)

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