RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
2133Standard membercaissad4147815120420 Jun '22 14:57Club Games
2116Subscriberbvinci3871223802 Jul '22 15:46Club Games
1955SubscriberBartVH187191002 Jul '22 19:53Club Games
1942Subscribergundel254443202 Jul '22 10:41Club Games
1922SubscriberAspasia8748313602 Jul '22 20:13Club Games
1861Standard memberRaggaMat182411125 Jul '20 19:55Club Games
1798Standard memberrookyrich256510 Jun '19 22:50Club Games
1798SubscriberRetnacsong404226 Dec '21 20:32Club Games
1778Standard memberst40324523 Apr '16 20:41Club Games
1763Standard memberCondePoderoso11934213 Oct '18 13:15Club Games
1762Standard memberred cloud2031444301 Jul '22 01:23Club Games
1760Standard membercashthetrash286631 Mar '21 03:37Club Games
1745Standard memberadampendlebury1169208027 Oct '16 21:26Club Games
1740Standard membermarc56208542815 Jun '22 00:59Club Games
1735Standard memberpaolo2504255407 Jul '19 01:13Club Games
1721Standard memberfabien755221908 Sep '15 18:42Club Games
1711SubscriberJason Wright310110 Apr '22 20:54Club Games
1702Standard memberPAT YANEZ3371165927 Dec '17 00:12Club Games
1695Standard memberMarko Krale2435196495802 Jan '22 17:51Club Games
1689SubscriberBenjamin Barker191861702 Jul '22 10:21Club Games
1671Standard memberLATITUDE 0114351709 Mar '15 16:44Club Games
1667Standard memberRavnur112431730 Sep '16 20:13Club Games
1665Standard memberZugswangzuks7123801 Sep '19 10:56Club Games
1655Standard memberRevRSleeker57163627 Feb '14 00:39Club Games
1652Standard memberRichard Laura167815429 Mar '15 21:17Club Games
1650Standard memberklaf1521222230 Jun '22 21:50Club Games
1648SubscriberMAN O WAR132334423502 Jul '22 20:13Club Games
1640Subscribergilaadm41337311802 Jul '22 17:41Club Games
1625Subscribermarikinaboy2831842902 Jul '22 16:59Club Games
1624Standard memberErekose4323811 Sep '19 22:31Club Games

    Provisionally rated club players are excluded from the rating table.

    Provisional ratings (< 20 club games complete).

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