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RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
2144Standard member sbacat1353723322 Jun '18 03:18Club Games
2101Standard member caissad4146415120022 Jun '18 09:50Club Games
2038Subscriber bvinci3151203122 Jun '18 10:22Club Games
1937Subscriber gundel213412722 Jun '18 07:28Club Games
1912Subscriber BartVH153161020 Jun '18 12:25Club Games
1813Subscriber Aspasia7856711722 Jun '18 10:08Club Games
1804Standard member RaggaMat172381022 Dec '16 19:53Club Games
1798Standard member rookyrich256517 Jun '18 23:23Club Games
1778Standard member st40324523 Apr '16 20:41Club Games
1763Standard member CondePoderoso11934223 Apr '18 22:42Club Games
1745Standard member adampendlebury1169208027 Oct '16 21:26Club Games
1735Standard member paolo2504255405 Apr '15 19:28Club Games
1734Subscriber MAN O WAR88928617522 Jun '18 08:18Club Games
1729Subscriber kopsov9233920 Jun '18 20:13Club Games
1725Subscriber red cloud1761203822 Jun '18 01:46Club Games
1721Standard member fabien755221908 Sep '15 18:42Club Games
1708Subscriber cashthetrash215521 Jun '18 01:24Club Games
1702Standard member PAT YANEZ3371165927 Dec '17 00:12Club Games
1682Subscriber Divot Farmer2841586221 Jun '18 22:22Club Games
1679Standard member marc56168472421 Jun '18 22:41Club Games
1674Subscriber Nomoredoc139512021 Jun '18 04:24Club Games
1672Standard member Zugswangzuks7022815 Jun '18 20:57Club Games
1671Standard member LATITUDE 0114351709 Mar '15 16:44Club Games
1667Standard member Ravnur112431730 Sep '16 20:13Club Games
1656Standard member Richard Laura167795429 Mar '15 21:17Club Games
1655Standard member RevRSleeker57163627 Feb '14 00:39Club Games
1648Subscriber Ed Bernheim213925922 Jun '18 04:03Club Games
1648Subscriber mcdar199501522 Jun '18 00:25Club Games
1639Subscriber bob5883347016922 Jun '18 08:24Club Games
1631Subscriber Alfie Beamish7328622 Jun '18 10:20Club Games

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