Club Africa

African Nationalities welcome (feel free to invite people! ;) We are over the 50 member barrier, so start games against each other and get your new Club Rating going! Good Luck

RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
1570Subscriberklopdisselboom495201 Dec '21 23:05Club Games
1381Subscriberjoeboy693219701 Dec '21 17:56Club Games
1374Standard memberjamjamjoe8616501 Dec '21 16:50Club Games
1319Standard membergerhardr217101 Dec '21 21:14Club Games
1318SubscriberkNIGHTHEAD1612130 Nov '21 21:03Club Games
1286Standard memberMikeFindlay1481013 Jul '21 17:32Club Games
1271Standard memberDimitriMerritt1976308 May '19 10:40Club Games
1261Subscriberrabnes2411102 Dec '21 00:34Club Games
1237Standard memberDieGrootGees9121108 Feb '21 04:56Club Games
1231Standard memberLeonidas1313001 Dec '21 17:47Club Games
1230Standard memberxolanisigabi1416130 Nov '21 17:37Club Games
1227Standard memberThys5025212 Oct '15 19:16Club Games
1194Standard memberysterbaard3336420 Feb '21 07:26Club Games
1168Standard memberTychoo1514230 Oct '19 19:36Club Games
1164Subscriberchristiaanj2136030 Nov '21 16:26Club Games
1163Standard memberBritish Telecom911016 Jan '14 09:17Club Games
1115Standard memberPronutro714025 Jan '11 11:30Club Games
1113Subscriberdejongh1855201 Dec '21 06:57Club Games
1102Standard membertiwonge920002 Jan '19 21:47Club Games
1101SubscriberAntoine7392601 Dec '21 13:44Club Games
1093Standard memberThaba1846505 Jul '16 13:47Club Games
1079Standard memberInsaneAt2233117 Jan '14 09:27Club Games
1056Standard memberTaurusBlood1318124 Dec '08 20:40Club Games
1035Standard memberrickfun1011236013 Feb '14 11:32Club Games
1013Standard memberking0809818002 May '21 17:54Club Games
962SubscribergranO226158101 Dec '21 18:24Club Games

    Provisionally rated club players are excluded from the rating table.

    Provisional ratings (< 20 club games complete).

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