"Zombie Bliss"

"For those who love to make the right moves to survive"

RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
1460Standard memberGandolfStormcrow217318 Mar '17 16:10Club Games
1426SubscriberDalradian4832415 Jan '19 13:34Club Games
1416Standard memberThaba5116505 Jul '16 13:47Club Games
1402SubscriberVery Rusty3422415 Feb '19 22:37Club Games
1351Standard memberDiapason1712509 Feb '19 13:42Club Games
1293Subscriberchessnut628180815 Feb '19 14:32Club Games
1285Standard memberalcudiajambo3928523 Nov '16 21:52Club Games
1283Standard membersagator9786313 Dec '17 10:53Club Games
1281Subscribermedullahonline1512215 Feb '19 22:53Club Games
1253Subscribertejus3235915 Feb '19 16:50Club Games
1163Standard membermrobi2128015 Feb '19 22:16Club Games
1150Subscribereagleswing1391961615 Feb '19 02:41Club Games
1141Standard memberIthrowwithClocks7789716 Oct '17 15:56Club Games
1077Standard memberfrenk 51428121 Jul '18 07:55Club Games
1012Subscriberhonus741171815 Feb '19 21:40Club Games
1008Standard memberbillsmith851212215 May '14 03:45Club Games
963Standard memberdwainer124007 May '16 14:06Club Games
841Standard memberBorrisov87179423 Dec '13 08:37Club Games
840Standard memberlnynn spedale686416 Mar '14 04:13Club Games
828Standard membercrazyblkknight109165724 Dec '13 02:33Club Games

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