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Chessaroos Australia
Fair dinkum True Blue Aussie
RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
1926Standard member kingaroo1140123 Sep '18 03:17Club Games
1743Subscriber LevonB6311224 Sep '18 20:42Club Games
1727Standard member musicmanjp8118626 Feb '13 03:14Club Games
1672Subscriber topknot66253024 Sep '18 12:29Club Games
1658Subscriber stratosph3R37511624 Sep '18 20:31Club Games
1656Standard member luke myster7137603 Nov '15 21:58Club Games
1617Standard member manusdoc255102 Feb '14 03:01Club Games
1599Standard member Pardis9113412310 Jan '18 02:24Club Games
1569Subscriber Hegemon3311324 Sep '18 07:07Club Games
1559Donation Simon McMahon7139717 Oct '17 07:25Club Games
1556Subscriber redward13861925 Sep '18 02:53Club Games
1543Subscriber Bruin2771281424 Sep '18 20:50Club Games
1542Standard member Roman III211024 Sep '18 10:08Club Games
1537Standard member xylodawn1911121 Jan '13 15:18Club Games
1530Subscriber alastair nicoll3515525 Sep '18 03:11Club Games
1529Subscriber The Big Bishop11752524 Sep '18 13:24Club Games
1522Standard member stephensmith3301853023 Sep '18 22:48Club Games
1513Subscriber cricketman175891423 Sep '18 13:03Club Games
1507Standard member ChrisVicAU17965830 Nov '17 00:21Club Games
1496Subscriber scrappie4825624 Sep '18 23:16Club Games
1490Standard member AussieG155020 Dec '11 07:50Club Games
1481Standard member fergatron2820215 Jan '14 20:59Club Games
1478Subscriber georgea71371024 Sep '18 22:10Club Games
1477Standard member rook66148215 Jul '14 12:33Club Games
1473Standard member Loki746344714 Sep '18 10:37Club Games
1467Subscriber bondiboy7351223 Sep '18 11:41Club Games
1458Standard member kb51821521025 Sep '18 02:01Club Games
1444Standard member Exchecker811125 Oct '13 09:40Club Games
1423Standard member FriendlyKnight249120 Mar '10 02:49Club Games
1421Subscriber Quanto10686825 Sep '18 03:42Club Games

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