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Scotland Club
For Saltire flyers
RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
1655Standard member Redmike10416931 Dec '14 13:30Club Games
1633Standard member honestman11917626 May '13 18:32Club Games
1555Standard member paisleyman381012 Feb '10 09:19Club Games
1555Standard member narsapur150508 May '16 05:54Club Games
1475Standard member BigMick166027 Jan '12 12:25Club Games
1469Standard member Sheneval7320731 Mar '18 11:24Club Games
1463Subscriber ScottishGeek177522 Jun '18 18:15Club Games
1432Standard member The dark side276214 Mar '10 11:09Club Games
1430Standard member bigtroublemaker1912431 Mar '18 08:29Club Games
1425Subscriber Ian157024722 Jun '18 22:58Club Games
1418Standard member drumian327129 Apr '13 15:47Club Games
1417Standard member Androoka3711030 Mar '14 18:38Club Games
1408Standard member robbie carrobie3817330 Apr '17 09:39Club Games
1387Standard member zorro34us111104518 Dec '11 00:04Club Games
1385Standard member bostonranger6044405 Jan '18 10:07Club Games
1380Standard member Tumshie228110 Aug '16 20:31Club Games
1379Standard member davidlogue206310 May '12 18:24Club Games
1358Standard member keyser s0ze4227202 May '13 19:56Club Games
1344Subscriber RikWb7951522 Jun '18 18:38Club Games
1335Standard member FelixMc2023128 Aug '13 21:22Club Games
1328Subscriber rlsomga116802322 Jun '18 20:07Club Games
1318Standard member Simpkinsov4621222 Jun '18 12:53Club Games
1318Standard member crossana3121316 May '18 18:29Club Games
1318Standard member Macroman1921272616 May '15 18:50Club Games
1308Standard member portlees3627704 Sep '13 14:17Club Games
1307Standard member Jazzameboy2821820 Aug '13 21:12Club Games
1304Standard member micropacer3713430 May '10 14:29Club Games
1303Standard member jaryvan8545624 Dec '17 09:20Club Games
1300Standard member mrdougie57531328 Jun '15 14:55Club Games
1276Standard member skerryvore148018 Dec '11 18:21Club Games

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