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Under 1000 Club
Onwards & upwards...
RatingPlayerWonLostDrawnLast moveClub Games
1514Subscriber malhem14193418 Mar '18 19:54Club Games
1490Standard member lessaid1713112 Sep '16 18:18Club Games
1488Subscriber Kewpie4182261418 Mar '18 22:58Club Games
1483Standard member HiOctane3219106 Jan '17 09:47Club Games
1467Subscriber Marianne b1531121118 Mar '18 22:47Club Games
1461Standard member gruntypunt3519109 Sep '15 19:56Club Games
1433Subscriber Ekke4953191518 Mar '18 17:01Club Games
1428Standard member whatsdat7538210 Feb '13 05:05Club Games
1396Standard member roybytheSea192168827 Jul '17 17:58Club Games
1392Subscriber VESPIN140139518 Mar '18 03:50Club Games
1365Standard member harazd222130731 May '14 11:04Club Games
1356Subscriber zeddola1615318 Mar '18 19:47Club Games
1352Standard member neil6662644217 Mar '18 09:21Club Games
1336Subscriber Chewie9764823653517 Mar '18 03:33Club Games
1334Standard member Bright Eyes2211118 Mar '18 10:58Club Games
1330Subscriber woolley109119318 Mar '18 18:56Club Games
1323Subscriber rossw281242818 Mar '18 23:05Club Games
1318Standard member whatever17441527 Nov '12 22:21Club Games
1306Standard member Freddie20085272124 Mar '12 13:59Club Games
1306Standard member leahcimnayr3335002 Nov '15 00:01Club Games
1302Standard member Houston1219166422 Feb '18 19:58Club Games
1290Standard member Joseph Yu1429010 May '16 01:21Club Games
1290Standard member scfc4ever2223025 May '09 12:27Club Games
1283Standard member ricewind1972169286622 Jul '17 17:23Club Games
1279Standard member carababe1912008 Apr '12 22:25Club Games
1278Standard member Boramir140147528 Mar '15 19:41Club Games
1222Standard member huggiesr3240207 Dec '09 13:38Club Games
1222Standard member imoldgreg3936130 May '10 23:49Club Games
1220Standard member TMAN1977119103 Jul '09 15:24Club Games
1215Standard member Checkit4950611 Apr '14 02:14Club Games

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