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I am a new emerging beginner chess player that used to play chess when i was 12 years old but some very tragic events that happened in my life that made me get out of chess for so long that i lost the skills that i used to have back then. Since i turned 18 i wanted to get back in to chess and looked forever for chess sites I finally found the 2 chess sites that would work for me one being this chess site an another that has a great community like this one. I am hoping to improve my chess abilities and maybe become a Grand Master ( Hopefully). I am also the Admin of the Beginner Chess Club I created this club in hopes that other people that are in my situation that also want to improve their chess game can do so in a friendly environment with other players to help improve their game and in turn make them hopefully to the level that they want. So please play a game of chess with me or join my chess club so i can in hope achieve again what i achieved 6 years ago before my life took a turn for the worse.

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Highest Rating101610841084
Average Rating100710411041
Lowest Rating100010001000
Opponent Average Rating119913531353
Games Rated33333
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  • The Beginners Chess Club

    Are you looking to up your chess game? Well this club is for you, this club is for any chess players looking to up their game and get to the skill level they want to achieve. We are currently accepting any players to this club.