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Ad Parnassum

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About Ad Parnassum

I was taught chess by my father, who became an enthousiast in the thirties - like so many Dutch - by Euwe' s successes as a world champion. Now that I have retired as a judge, I find enough time for much more chess than ever before.
Having many games in progress I don't hesitate to claim the win after your time expired, the sooner when you are in a lost position or I am playing for a clan or the game itself is boring. Being a club player I am used to it, though not to opponents who simply stop playing and leave the room silently.
My name may remind you of the book with which children used to learn to play music. In his Childrens' scenes Debussy made a joke out of Dr Gradus Ad Parnassum.

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All Games Played3200
In Progress53
All Moves118932
Moves This Month617
Tournament Entry Rating1519

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3181 games


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1431 games


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243 games


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Average Rating150314781516
Lowest Rating141613091309
Opponent Average Rating147614591496
Games Rated1436463181
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