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About adim

Hello. I'm Adrian from Bucharest, Romania. 33 this year (I will not update my profile from now on!). Married to the love of my life and this is the most important thing.
P.S. The only clan I played and will ever play here is Metallica, so please don't ask me to join clans. Thanks.

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All Games Played6664
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All Moves177156
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Tournament Entry Rating1781

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6471 games


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1516 games


757 games

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451 games


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Highest Rating178118332058
Average Rating177818001780
Lowest Rating177517751223
Opponent Average Rating141816031552
Games Rated3185087
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Longhaul Octet IILonghaul Octet XVILonghaul Octet XIIILonghaul Octet XILonghaul Octet VIIOctet VILonghaul Octet XIIIDuel VILonghaul Octet VIIILonghaul Octet VILonghaul Octet IIILonghaul Octet VIQuartets VIOctet XOctet VIIIOctet VIQuartets ILonghaul Octet IIIOctet IILonghaul Octet IILonghaul Octet ILonghaul Octet VIIILonghaul Octet VOctet XVIOctet XIIILonghaul Octet VIOctet XIIOctet XILonghaul Octet IIIOne Zero Split IOctet XXIIOctet XVIIIOctet XVIOctet XVLonghaul Octet VIIILonghaul Octet IIILonghaul Octet XILonghaul Octet XOctet XXLonghaul Octet VIILonghaul Octet XIOctet XXVLonghaul Octet VOctet VIIIOctet VOctet VILonghaul Octet XLonghaul Octet VIIILonghaul Octet VILonghaul Octet IIIOctet IILonghaul Octet VIOctet XOctet VIIILonghaul Octet IIOctet XXOctet XXIOctet XVIOctet XIOctet IOctet XXIILonghaul Octet VIIOctet IIILonghaul Octet IIILonghaul Octet XVILonghaul Octet XVLonghaul Octet VILonghaul Octet VOctet IILonghaul Octet IOctet XXIIIOctet XXIOctet XVIOctet XIIIOctet XOctet XXVOctet XXVILonghaul Octet XIILonghaul Octet XIOctet XVIIOctet ILonghaul Octet XVILonghaul Octet XIIIOctet XXIIIGrand Long Haul IIIQuartets IIOctet VILonghaul Octet VILonghaul Octet XIDuel VIIIMini Quartets IIIDuel IOctet VIIOctet VIMini Thematic II : Mieses OpeningMini Thematic II : Anti-Borg (Desprez) OpeningLong Haul Split VILong Haul Split VIOne Zero Split IIGrand Split One Seven ILong Haul Split VILong Haul Split VIOctet VHardcore Grand IIOctet IOne-Zero Grand VIThreesomes IIOne-0 Split VIIOne-0 Split VOne-0 Split VISprint Duel IIQuartets VIISeven-O Split XVIGrand Split One SevenSprint Duel 64Grouped BandedThe Cafe Mahogany nvitation I