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About Alemanma

Working my way back after too many years of inactivity. I used to play in tournaments back home in Puerto Rico in the 1700-1800 range. After a few months, I am now back into the high 1700's.

I like to play blitz, but anything faster than 5 minutes is a bit too fast for my taste. It would be nice to have a separate rating for blitz since it requires a different balance of chess skills.

Playing good chess is both an art and a science, which as you will see next, is a perfect fit for me !!!

I am a PhD Chemical Engineer as well as an artist. I am a sculptor (wood, stone, clay, wire), a fine art photographer (realistic, abstract), a creative writer (poems, stories, songs) and a budding musician (my own Jazz/New-Age/Classical compositions improvised simultaneusly using a set of 3 keyboards (piano. acoustic guitar & tenor sax), foot-pedals (bass) and percussion pads (drums).

My avatar is a digitally manipulated picture of my late father while playing chess. A very smart and compassionate man, a purple heart veteran of the Korean war and a succesful businessman.

My profile picture is a collage I created with Photoshop using 12+ photographs I took in Florence and Venice, Italy. It is called "La Ventana Abierta de los Recuerdos" which translates to "The Open Window of Our Memories".

I have a number of web pages where you could see (and listen to) a large variety of my creative work. You don't need to register to enter the site and I am not trying to sell anything. I just like to share my art work with as many as possible. Once inside the site, you can navigate to its various pages by clicking on their name under the "My Blogs" section of the main page (which is reached by clicking on my profile picture).

Here is the address to the page with my sculptures:

Please feel free to share this link as you see fit. The more people I can reach with my art the better. For me, that is what is all about !!!

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