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April 2020 - So have much more time over each move and making fewer silly errors, who knew!!
March 2020 - Chess is a good distraction!
February 2020 - ok, so 1,100 is my level!
January 2020 - treading water, just below 1,200 desperate to stay above!
December 2019 - Oh dear, now on downward slump to sub 1,000!
November 2019 - yes 1,300 is reach too far! reliant on timeouts to inflate my score!
October 2019 - Amazed to hit 1300, sure it will be a flash in the pan!
September 2019 - No more tournaments so able to focus on existing games.
August 2019 - Regret entering all those July tournaments. Too ... many ... games!
July 2019 - Returning to site after some 7 years!
I would like to be a 1,400 player, but really carelessness probably means I'll struggle to get above 1,200!

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All Games Played1371
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All Moves38574
Moves This Month70
Tourn. Entry Rating1255

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1330 games


517 games


785 games


28 games

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151 games


227 games


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Highest Rating120113181318
Average Rating114112041204
Lowest Rating107710521052
Opponent Average Rating132213141314
Games Rated54275275
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