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About andjam2

Hi, I'm Andrew, a 26 year old Australian male from the city of Adelaide. I graduated from the University of South Australia a few years ago with a Bachelor of Business (Management of IT). I'm currently working at an ISP.

I've been playing chess for 16 years. I've played in many OTB chess competitions (organised by the South Australian Chess Association) over the years with decent results. My favourite chess player is Magnus Carlsen. If I was to describe my style, I would have to say I'm more of a positional player.

I'll happily play any person who is rated above 1900. However, as a result of losing a number of games to opponents who later turned out to be cheaters, I will no longer play opponents that have perfect (or near perfect) records. I prefer 3 days timeout with at least 3 days of timebank.

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202 games


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Highest Rating200620662066
Average Rating199720001902
Lowest Rating198519551595
Opponent Average Rating204919671881
Games Rated647202
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