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About Apawnocalypse

Hi! Matt here, and I love to play chess! It's getting tedious and frustrating with the level of engine use ( and a possible hacking) here, but I made the stupid mistake of not cancelling my subscription so I'll have to deal with that. Most of the engine use is by the same opponent. Games with engine use will generally be timed out. I still don't use engines nor other assistance. And please do not dare say that vacation flags are assistance. I'm sick of total nonsense on this site and needed a break.

There's still very few people that cheat, and this site is still better than most. Banning the cheats and implementing a proper Fischer Random Chess (where castling actually works properly) would improve the site considerably. Hopefully, a club can be created with Fischer Random Chess tournaments.

Recommended Players: Ellis Burke, Paul Leggett, Aspasia, Toub, Ouroboros

Players to Avoid: Caissad4, Vpadilla7

I know many believe Illuminati got banned for cheating. I'll make this really clear... The ban was for something else.

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