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Hi! Matt here, and I love to play chess! Seriously, though, I'm thinking of leaving this site. The level of cheating, dishonesty, sandbagging, stupid messages at end of games ( though rare ) is disgusting. If it is believed that I uses engines, then there is some seriously screwed up logic from some players here. If countering engines with your own engine, make sure that the player is actually a cheating.

This profile is greatly modified. Some found the previous one very offensive even though there was hardly anything offensive about it.

The number of abandoned greeter games from players that make under 5 moves, deleted greeter games from players that are very active on the site has also risen.

How do I play online chess without this site? Simple. I go to Lichess and play there. Cheaters get banned there. Hopefully Russ gets the computer analysis option ( shows inaccuracies, mistakes, blunders )with the next major update. Stockfish can stay far away from this site though.

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