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About Aristotelian

Partially, but permanently, disabled person. Rather than watching the clouds go by, I engage in a number of low-cost hobbies, such as playing chess online. I'm 51. I'm not a serious player, but I enjoy it. Regarding skulls: I won't take a skull if we're past the opening, and my opponent has been putting thought into the game. Patience has its limit, I suppose, and I am limited to 12 games, so a hopelessly inactive game will get a skull from me. I will take a skull in the opening, or when an opponent is making moves to prolong the inevitable. Message me, if you're in skull territory.

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25 games

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15 games

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All Games Played41
In Progress12
All Moves1325
Moves This Month658
Tourn. Entry Rating1171

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40 games


21 games


18 games


1 games

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Highest Rating117511751175
Average Rating111911191119
Lowest Rating106610661066
Opponent Average Rating115011501150
Games Rated404040
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