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Accepting challenges from rated 1700 to 2400
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About AyreH

Father of 4; Scientist; lived all over USA: PA, SC, CA, TX, HI, IL, CA - in that order.

Overly optimistic in my Chess. I particularly like games of, and books by, R. Spielmann and E. Znosko-Borovsky.
Haven't played OTB since 1991. Played too many 3 min games online over the past 5 years - really bad at fast chess and don't seem to be improving. I think playing fast games has made my play too risky and too sloppy - - - I still find fast games fun , though. They're exciting!

I will take skulls and expect my opponents will too. I don't know anyone that wouldn't take a win when a flag falls in a tourney, seems like the same here. However, if circumstances are bad, let me know and I' ll consider giving you some time. No move takebacks (possible??): accidents (mouse slips, coffee spilled on the computer, ... ) and blunders happen, nothing personal.

Cheers and good luck in your games.

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