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Banja has no profile...BUT, if he had it would be: Retired carmecanic born in first half of last century. Living above the Artic Circle (some say Moral Circle) of Norway. He likes to move fast all day, and he likes you to do the same. He also likes to 'smalltalk' with his oponents. He met a lot of nice people, and he is sure you are one of them 😀 He plays for winning the game, and sometimes he do.He has a black belt in fatal errors. He is also colorblind and wants always to play the black pieces ..He prefer european player because of the timedifference

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All Games Played3840
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All Moves134561
Moves This Month717
Tourn. Entry Rating1283

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3825 games


1856 games


1876 games


93 games

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286 games


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Highest Rating133513351379
Average Rating121112201223
Lowest Rating113311331095
Opponent Average Rating122412331230
Games Rated66106618
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