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About Blackpoolmad

I'm from Blackpool in England and live life to the full. \nI'm dedicating the rest of my life to enjoying myself. \n \nI own Fylde Landscapes of Blackpool, so check us out on Facebook and Youtube. I would love to work in a foreign country as a sort of working holiday, so if you're rich, get in touch and get the boys from Fylde Landscapes to visit for a few beers, some good times and plenty of hard work. \n \ \n \nI love history and travelling and I am a great pool player, but too old to play football and rugby now. \n \nBri b

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1385 games

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706 games

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679 games

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All Games Played1418
In Progress52
All Moves54152
Moves This Month168
Tournament Entry Rating1614

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1385 games


754 games


541 games


90 games

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103 games


42 games


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Highest Rating166916691669
Average Rating162815791543
Lowest Rating154614531427
Opponent Average Rating152014711480
Games Rated48155558
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