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BladeMan 63

Rating (1372)
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About BladeMan 63

I live in Sheffield, South Yorks. I also live in WENDY territory (pigs) to us super BladeMen. Therefore, I live with the Enemy. It keeps me on me toes and lifes never boring. Sometimes it can be quite a laugh.

I'm a Gas fitter/ Plumber, have a 25 yr old Son and a partner of 15 years (Unfortunatley a WENDY).

Learning all the time in this great game, i don't like the thought of my adversary using engines etc. Nowt worse!! Still loving Chess and still loving the fact you can find and play some tops people and players here. It just makes my smiles and my chess missions stronger.

So Game on Chaps/lasses.

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443 games

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212 games

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231 games

Player Stats

All Games Played453
In Progress2
All Moves15855
Moves This Month20
Tournament Entry Rating1383

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443 games


224 games


191 games


28 games

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51 games


28 games


90 days1 Year5 Years
Highest Rating137213941486
Average Rating136413481357
Lowest Rating135712891208
Opponent Average Rating134613081328
Games Rated220109
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