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Skulls will be taken without warning, just as flags are taken over the board in a physical tournament.

62 yrs. Male, Retired Control Room Operator, Sugar Industry.
Guitarist (fingerpick) Singer/Songwriter, Published Poet.
Played in a few bands in Southern Idaho, lots of bars, fairs, biker rallies, etc.

My first Chess Set was from a box of Grape Nuts Cereal I believe. I was about 10, I think. On the back of the cereal box was a board and pieces you cut out, inside was a small instruction book (This was when Fischer was on his rise and Chess was in the news).

I was so excited to learn, I drove my family crazy trying to get them to play. Finally my Dad said, go play with your Brother-in-law, he plays.
Ron studied books and subscribed to Chess Magazines. He had a photographic memory. We would play a game and then he would set the board up from memory to a certain point of the game and tell me my mistake and have me play again from the new position. He was a good teacher but this only lasted a short time.
(side note - A few years later when I was 18 I played him again and won)

When I was in 7th grade I joined the School Chess Club. We had around 20 members I think...I made it to board 8. I played in one tournament, I know I won my games but that's all I remember about it. I had more fun running up and down the school hallways in my socks, sliding with my friends lol.
I played chess off and on all through school and in my adult life.

Now that I'm retired and have more time I thought I would come back to RHP and give it a go again.

See you on the boards!
I wish you well,
(Living on the Oregon Coast)

"Noli turbare circulos meos!"

Profile Pic of a Pawn taking down a King by Jon Lion Fine Art with his permission. Check him out, he's a great artist!

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