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Formerly "woodypusher".

Married, no kids.

I started playing chess in 1975 at age 21. My first USCF tournament was in Dec., 1977 at the Riverside Chess Club (CA) where I achieved my initial rating of 1117. In just over three years my rating reached a peak of 1963 in 1981. I estimate my playing strength now at around 1700-1800 as I see members with lower OTB ratings are rated higher than me here at RHP.

Among our club members was 3-time U.S. Champion Larry Christiansen, California State Champion IM David J Strauss, 1986 So Cal Open Champion and senior master Dan Durham (who I had the honor of drawing once in a Riverside club tournament), 1980 So Cal Open Champion and American Open winner Perry Youngworth (who was 15 years old at the time), 7-time Toronto Champion Dr John Patty, and NM Bill Richards, 2015 US Amateur West Chess Champion, who won our club championship five times (drew with him in a rated game as well!), among others. Bill is the top chess teacher at

I started working for the Postal Service in 1985 and stopped playing regularly as I was working graveyard shift. I did continue playing blitz with a few fellow employees during breaks and lunch. We had a few strong pIayers there who were rated experts. I know I could have reached expert as well but master was probably not within my capabilities.

I love dogs. People, not so much.

Yes, those are my dogs in the photo.
I have 16, all rescues.

Don't shop. Adopt.

Be kind to animals. If you can't, at least don't be cruel to them.

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