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Another update because time goes too quickly:

Hi I’m Rob (54) originally from Sidcup, Kent, England but now living in The Hills district 35km outside Sydney, Australia.

I work in Finance in Sydney’s CBD. Sydney is a great city and if you haven’t already, it’s worth a visit.

My journey to work is just over an hour so I make a lot of my chess moves on the bus while commuting.

My rating profile for the past 5 years is as follows: High 1974, Average 1777, Low 1196. Sometimes I’m into my chess, other times other things in life take over. The low came in June 2015 when I was unable to play for a while and got timed out. I have ambitions of reaching 2000 but am not quite good enough. I reached my high with a good run but I had a few near certain defeats in the pipeline so my rating quickly came down.

If you notice a flaw in my play please let me know as I’m keen to improve. Also feel free to ask me how I found your play, I will be honest, polite and constructive.

I follow Charlton Athletic (UK football team) who play in The Championship. I'm also a member of the Charlton clan.

Feel free to chat anytime.

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