Rating 711

About Borrisov

Anatoly Karpov is my greatest player.
I play in many games in this site and the players level of play is high. I play for fun and the experience and my aim is to reach the rating of 1800. This is my favorite online chess site and I am active in this site around 3 to 4 hrs everyday.


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1905 games

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1905 games

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All Games Played3951
In Progress14
All Moves79578
Moves This Month0
Tourn. Entry Rating711

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3810 games


876 games


2888 games


46 games

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193 games


2025 games


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Highest Rating71213751713
Average Rating7118851104
Lowest Rating711599599
Opponent Average Rating136314551462
Games Rated220723810
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  • The patriots

    For all N.A.T.O. members, and allies.

  • "Zombie Bliss"

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