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Hello. I’m from the Netherlands. I like the Red Hot Pawn website very much because it let’s me play whenever I have time to play. Sadly a lack of time is why I do not play many OTB games anymore. On a yearly basis I only play 10 to 15 regular games. Most of these games are played when I represent my team in competition (third division).
On Red Hot Pawn I am a member of The Bad Bishops Clan, The Pawn Stars Clan and the KPK Clan. I am a member of the Monty Python Club and the Artistry Club.

I will not skull you if you have a good reason and tell me in advance.

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  • Monty Python Club

    Are you suggesting that coconuts migrate?

  • artistry

    Champions of the player-leagues Season 1 / Division A still open / Divison B Swiss Toni Division C / AudreyxSophie

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