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Rating 1912

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1277 games

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636 games

As Black

641 games

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All Games Played1326
In Progress2
All Moves37678
Moves This Month0
Tourn. Entry Rating2052

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1277 games


764 games


351 games


162 games

Rated Timeouts


141 games


13 games


90 days1 Year5 Years
Highest Rating191221862186
Average Rating191221252090
Lowest Rating191219121912
Opponent Average Rating120915541703
Games Rated130317
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  • Football Fans Club

    For supporters of football clubs around the world

  • OTB Chess Players

    We aim to be the cleanest club on the site by allowing only genuine OTB players in. We aim to have a maximum in the region of 100 active members (i.e. members playing > 10 games a month) and will only evict inactive members after at least 100 days.

  • Monty Python Club

    Are you suggesting that coconuts migrate?

  • Ireland Club

    Old Irish: Buanbach: A board game, from buan - good or constant as in constant capture. Fidchell: "wood intelligence." Often translated as chess. We have little idea how either was played, except with pieces on a board.

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