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About chesstony82

My name is Tony and I run Leeds chess club, the fastest growing (and best) chess club in Yorkshire. I also run their award winning ECF website of the year 2009 - - Check us out!

I also play for Leeds chess club in the Leeds league, Leeds 175 Insurgents in the Bradford league and West Leeds in the Yorkshire league. When I have time I also play in chess congresses all over Yorkshire, not so much outside of Yorkshire these days.

I also love to study chess and have a new found love for opening theory. I currently play hypermodern chess where ideas are more important than theory, of late I have decided to completely revamp my repertoire and play more theoretical main line openings - This involves a lot of hard work/study but I hope to be able to play my new openings sometime in the near future.

Oh and one other thing, I have a very low rating at the moment due to lots of timeouts. I would like to apologise to anyone who's game I abandoned - I am back now and promise to finish all of my games. Hopefully I can get my rating back up to a decent standard. Due to all of these losses on time however, I WILL CLAIM TIMEOUTS!

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All Moves2778
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Tourn. Entry Rating982

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Average Rating124112851296
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Opponent Average Rating159415381523
Games Rated92128168
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