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About Dahak

I'm a fair chess player who could probably be a really good chess player if I ever put some real effort into the game. I never have though. I play chess for fun, and planning your game a dozen moves in advance is not my idea of fun. I usually have no long term strategy, and just wait for my opponent to mess up. You'd be surprised how often that works.

I'm not a very social person, and I rarely respond to messages. It's not that I'm ignoring you, it's just that most times I don't know what to say.

I try to play only 1 day timeout games, and prefer to move several times a day. That's because on longer games I forget what my next move was supposed to be, and leaving notes is one of those things I never seem to get around to.

If you are late on a 1 day timeout game I will usually give you an extra day or two, but if it's a 3 day or longer game I will claim the skull immediatly.

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All Games Played2614
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All Moves93078
Moves This Month83
Tourn. Entry Rating1475

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2599 games


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1299 games


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Highest Rating149114911575
Average Rating144014171422
Lowest Rating138113341305
Opponent Average Rating141114131402
Games Rated83219894
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