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I'm from Massachusetts mid forties (was when I joined). I usually move mult times a day. If you have a lower rating and would like tips let me know. If you see that I missed a good move, please let me know. I don't take time outs unless it's a tournament or your drawing the game out. I like friendly games and don't mind a little bantering. I prefer frequent movers so I don't forget my strategy. I give priority to the games with the most moves. After 15 moves I'll move at least once a day, more depending on you.

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All Games Played4040
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All Moves127095
Moves This Month432
Tourn. Entry Rating1752

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3965 games


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Highest Rating178117811830
Average Rating174317331689
Lowest Rating170016941523
Opponent Average Rating159715991558
Games Rated42108746
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