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About dhay

Musician and songwriter, I play guitar and some other instruments. My partner Sheryl Samuel and I have released five albums of original music--look us up under "Haynie & Samuel". Learned chess from my father, played heavily in college and for my school (Stockton State, NJ). Have played a few USCF tournaments, and won my division (a pretty low one) a few times. I started playing on RHP with friends, as a way to stay in touch, but lately I've been in quite a few tournaments. I prefer not to take "timeout" wins, though I will once in a while unless we have an understanding.

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1275 games

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629 games

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646 games

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All Games Played1329
In Progress24
All Moves47994
Moves This Month473
Tournament Entry Rating1631

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1275 games


654 games


517 games


104 games

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30 games


3 games


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Highest Rating157516941768
Average Rating151515731602
Lowest Rating145214521452
Opponent Average Rating156215891567
Games Rated60246922
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