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sometimes stare at the boards of my games, cannot help but be amazed, how utterly incredible the game of chess, feel like i am looking into the universe, its endless possibilities and splendor, the more i learn, the more amazing, like stars, stonehenge and pyramids, chess must be a gift from the gods

getting better over the years of playing here at rhp, as such been playing better and better players, seeing things now i never dreamed about before.

wish i could play my dad again, who taught me at the beginining years ago ... back in the days of Spasky and Fisher ... we would eat dinner while he watched PBS and their analysis of the games ... he and i would play by the fireplace while watching Mcloud, Rockford Files, Columbo and the like ... would love to give him an one more amazing game ... perhaps in heaven ... good luck to you and to me.

i play chess morning and night and weekends, basically all the time that i am not working, when the moves you make give me a simple or obvious response, i will move at least morning and night on these moves, when the game sometimes gets more comples, sometimes i want to think about it and study ... and sometimes not even look at it for a few days ... so if you and i are moving right along so to speak, i could easily move twice a day ... but sometimes, i just need that little slow down ...
YEA! It took not 1, but 2 grueling playoff rounds of head to head games with 2advent to break a tie, and each of the 4 extra games on top of the 2 we had already played to get into the playoff, 6 total, were all brutal cat and mouse nailbiters each and every single move of the way, but i finally won my first tourney, yippie!

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