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Ed Bernheim

Rating (1682)
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About Ed Bernheim

Chemist, mostly retired, Singer and writer of American Roots Music. Not bad on a Bass Guitar. Average chess player. Boring and Drawish. I take all time forfeitures as I would in a 5 minute game. It is the rules.

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6666 games

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3328 games

As Black

3338 games

Player Stats

All Games Played6792
In Progress17
All Moves237108
Moves This Month314
Tournament Entry Rating1754

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6666 games


3373 games


1964 games


1329 games

Rated Timeouts


676 games


21 games


90 days1 Year5 Years
Highest Rating170918271853
Average Rating168017561735
Lowest Rating165516551542
Opponent Average Rating166715961608
Games Rated202461131
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  • 10 Years Playing Chess
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  • 1 Year Playing Chess
  • 1 Year Playing Chess
Playing for 13 consecutive years
Joined 05 Apr '04
Last Moved 20 Jun '18
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Tournament Victories

POPEYE: NOVOSIBIRSKYMUTI UNDER 2000 OCTETPOPEYE: C-FOURPOPEYE: D-FOURPOPEYE: KNIGHT F-THREEPOPEYE: D-THREEPOPEYE: ROLL YER OWNPOPEYE: WITH THE SPINACH.....CANTOD Standard 3 2016TOD Standard 1 2016POPEYE: FOR THE BIRDSPOPEYE: I HAS THIS BIG BANDTOD Weekly 4 2015TOD Weekly 3 2015MUTI medium octet jan 2015TOD Marathon 2 2014TOD Hardcore 7 2014TOD Hardcore two 2014WC Oceania Challenge (5's)TOD Hardcore IIITOD January 2013 Crazy skulls IX (Octet)TOD November 2012 Crazy skulls I (Heads up)TOD August 2012 Crazy skulls IX (Octet)TOD August 2012 Crazy skulls (Octet) VTOD July 2012 Standard I (Fatal fourway)TOD July 2012 Weekly I (Triple threat)TOD July 2012 Crazy skulls I (Fatal fourway)TOD June 2012 Crazy skulls VII (6 way)TOD June 2012 Crazy skulls III (Fatal fourway)TOD June 2012 Crazy skulls II (Triple threat)TOD May 2012 Crazy skulls VIII (Octet)TOD May 2012 Crazy skulls (Octet) VTOD May 2012 Crazy skulls IV (High five)TOD May 2012 Crazy skulls III (Fatal fourway)TOD April 2012 Crazy skulls Duel VITOD April 2012 Crazy skulls Octet VITOD March 2012 Crazy skulls XTOD March 2012 Crazy skulls VIITOD March 2012 Crazy skulls VITOD February 2012 Crazy skulls VTOD February 2012 Crazy skulls IITOD January 2012 Weekly VTOD January 2012 Crazy skulls VIIITOD January 2012 Crazy skulls VIITOD January 2012 Crazy skulls VTOD December 2011 Crazy skulls VTOD December 2011 Crazy skulls IIITOD October 2011 Crazy skulls IIITOD October 2011 Crazy skulls ITOD September 2011 Crazy skulls IITOD September 2011 Skull collector IISkull collector #9Hardcore Grand VMinerva Grouped Random