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Edson Alonso Lopes

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About Edson Alonso Lopes

Hi All !!! My name is Edson Alonso Lopes from Santos City, born in 1963, Saint Paul's State - Brazil. Do you need use electronic brain to help you for play chess against your opponents ? Sorry, but you are deeply ridiculous, i never use programs or books to help me, do the same please !!! I like good friends and playing chess, i always try to play better every days. Know that you are a very important person for me and now, we can play chess my friend ! Hey, please reply to me : You don't have anything better to do than read my profile ?(Lol). If do you want send to me some good images, clips etc, go to - To exit time for the games against clans : I love press skulls, YEAH !!!
Big and strong hug, God Bless you all !
Edson Alonso Lopes - Santos City / Brazil.

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4643 games

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2049 games

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2594 games

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All Games Played4695
In Progress12
All Moves178186
Moves This Month250
Tournament Entry Rating1227

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4643 games


2096 games


2296 games


251 games

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172 games


16 games


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Highest Rating129413211393
Average Rating121412331207
Lowest Rating113411341055
Opponent Average Rating124312821261
Games Rated57179944
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