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Junior in College. Houston Baptist. Major: Biblical Languages and Christianity. (Well, this is a bit out of date, isn't it?)
Now currently a PhD student working with a supervisor at Universiteit van Stellenbosch, SA. Field is in cognitive linguistics and Biblical Hebrew. Working on a cognitive grammatical analysis of the BH relative pronoun.

Thanks go out to agoressive, agryson, sheydog, and Korch for training me in the ways of chess.

Highest rating: 1508...so far. Longest streak: 9 concurrent wins.

Faith and science are both important to me. One must hold these two equal, yet not opposing. Both are avenues of seeking, one of knowledge of the natural world, the other, I think, of knowledge of God. They are one and the same process, simply aiming at different goals, and each holding, not a different definition of truth, but how that truth is applied (facts on the one, moral action on the other).

Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic are hard, especially when you take all three in one semester. But it's fun.

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