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My name is Russell Boss, I was born in Salem, OR, spent several years in the Seattle Metro Area and now living in Portland, OR. I have played chess since I was a child but didn't pick it up as a serious hobby until I was about 15. I am now 20 and currently attending classes at Portland Community College. I am pursuing an associates in Software Design, and I intend to transfer to a university where I can major in Economics and minor in Software Design.

I usually stay logged in at night and in the morning and make moves very frequently.

I am a huge fan of the 90's sci-fi show "The X-Files" and my user name as well as club/clan name are related to the show.

Check out my clan "The Syndicate", or the club of the same name. I am a very hands-on clan leader and am trying to create the best possible clan experience for players here on RHP and I encourage you to give me a shot. I have created an internal ranking system within the clan and will plan exciting tournaments. The clan forum will also serve as an editing board for my blog (see next paragraph).

I am starting a blog that will consist mainly of game analysis, articles on select chess topics and examinations of different chess openings. I would like the participation of other members here on RHP, including submission of PGN files of games for analysis as well, as your own analysis of games and any article you have written that you would like to see on the blog. I will have a list of games that are to be analyzed, so if you need some material to analyze I can provide it.

Lastly, I claim timeout victories and I expect no less of my opponents. Time controls exist for a reason.

Check out The Syndicate
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    A clan for those who want to believe and trust no one...except their fellow clanmates. Named after shadow government from

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