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I spent 21.5 years in the USMC, first as a platoon leader in Vietnam and later as a pilot; retired, then went to work as a pilot for American Airlines, retiring there in Feb, '06. I love baseball and was Head Coach for our local high school JV team until 2017, and also Commissioner for American Legion Baseball in the Central California area. I serve as Music Director for our church, and sing and play guitar there twice a month. I enjoy writing original music, but am waiting for that one hit song that lets me gain my fortune! Check out some of my songs on iTunes (Ed Benes) or my website: (currently under construction.) I love to chat during games and welcome any discussion. I will be respectful of those with different opinions or politics, but do enjoy trying to understand perspectives when they differ from mine. I don't enjoy taking skulls . . . if you can't make a move, that's cool by me unless it drags on too long. Just let me know if you can.

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