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I've had a passion for chess since my teen years, and for xiangqi (Chinese chess) nearly as long, and I greatly enjoy the relaxed pace of postal play.

I'll usually make a move every day or two, but please use your time as you see fit, and enjoy your games at your own pace.

I firmly believe that the love of board games is ultimately a very HUMAN endeavor, so I'm always looking for games with folks who enjoy some conversation, and maybe even to share a laugh or two. That doesn't mean that I play less than my best, though -- games are more interesting when everyone is playing to win! I just like to share in the joy of play and some camaraderie along the way.

I'll have a game with *anyone* who is polite and friendly, even if you are outside my preference settings. If you read this and would like to play, please feel free to shoot me a message; I always keep a few game slots open for special games with new friends or old.

In addition to chess, I play *many* other board and card games. I am also an amateur musician, doing fingerstyle playing on guitar, ukulele, and dulcimer, and playing harmonica in straight and cross harp styles.


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