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Accepting challenges from rated 800 to 1700
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About GarethNicholls

I'll play almost anyone. If you see a skull, then feel free to click it, although if you do happen to remind me before clicking I will appreciate it. I will click skulls on sight; it's nothing personal, just part of the game.
I tend to stick it out until all hope is lost, so don't expect me to resign just because you have a clear advantage. I've won a few games in this way, plus it helps me develop my endgame.
I like to have a chat so if you feel inclined, let me know what you're up to or what the weather is like where you are.

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Games Played1849
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All Moves63268
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Tourn. Entry Rating1193

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1810 games


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65 games

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226 games


68 games


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Highest Rating131613161316
Average Rating001250
Lowest Rating119311931193
Opponent Average Rating001377
Games Rated0015
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