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Hi, there. I am a divorced W/M, (3rd update! Feb.2011) 64, silver hr/blue I's, 5'10", 168, who's now in the market for a new WIFE! (Yep! Still Lookin'😉 Want SKINNY, INTELLIGENT WOMAN who I can help be happy!! Was with old wife for 28 yrs, so she traded me for a model which came with youth and lotsa money! The divorce was in 1995 so am (almost) over it!) I have just moved from Phx, AZ to Springfield, MO to be with my daughter and her family with my 2 super Gdaughters! My great time-wasters are: Reading, chess, reading, golf, reading, Flying, and reading! I read Non-fiction Histories, especially of WW2, as I had several members of family who were in it! I read TRUE Science Fiction, NOT FantasyI for my fiction! got back in chess after 35yrs out! Rustyness shows! Better than golf tho as went from 12HCP to current 28 HCP in 2 yrs due to Diabetic Neuropathy in my legs! (lost part of my right foot 12/23/10 to amputation) I used to drive the ball 265 - 280 yds Consistantly with a few over 300! Now I'm lucky to get the stupid ball out 220 - 240 yds on a good day! I am a cat lover, not a dog's best friend as I hate slavery in ANY form, including animals, with a slave mentality! Also hate irresponsible dog owners, who's stupid pets wake me up at 5am every day!! WITHOUT any thought whatsoever for their neighbors!!! IS THERE ANY SKINNY, CAT-LOVING, WOMEN WHO WOULD LIKE TO MEET A VERY LONELY MAN W/Objective of matrimoney or less formal LONG TERM relationship???? PS: I AM A SMOKER! (One pack/day) Not interested in a non-smoker unless smoke truly doesn't bother her!!

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