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About gearies

Average club player, capable of the occasional brilliance, more likely a blunder! I will press the skullie and take a timeout unless you let me know you won't be around. If you don't like timed games then please don't accept my challenge, rules are rules! I ALWAYS resign a lost position and find those who don't annoying.

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1218 games

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772 games

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446 games

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All Games Played1221
In Progress2
All Moves42632
Moves This Month77
Tourn. Entry Rating1545

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1218 games


540 games


559 games


119 games

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100 games


19 games


90 days1 Year5 Years
Highest Rating153015781578
Average Rating151115211477
Lowest Rating149214751319
Opponent Average Rating152615021454
Games Rated863317
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Affiliated Clubs

  • Back in the USSR

    "Back in the USSR" is a 1968 song by The Beatles. All players over the former USSR are welcome! All players from Europe are welcome! All players around over the free world are more than welcome!

  • The Christian Chess Club

    We are becoming active again. If you want multi-tourneys at 1 time, let me know the preferred time controls.

  • BDG

    Blackmar Diemer Gambit. All games to begin 1)d4 d5 2)e4. This is a tactical and exciting chess opening. Maybe not completely sound but great fun......All are welcome.