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About Goshen

It is hard to play before such critics; and rather trying on the nerves to hear yourself styled, perhaps, an ''ass,'' for what you thought a neat bit of play; or to see lips curling, and sneering, smiling contemptuosly at your proceedings, knowing that the scorners in a similar case would play ten times worse than you have done.
When your move is made, half a dozen voices are loudly raised to demand "Pourquoi diable, you didn't do this?" or, "Why have you overlooked that?"

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337 games

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194 games

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143 games

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All Moves7219
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Tourn. Entry Rating1121

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337 games


131 games


189 games


17 games

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5 games


94 games


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Highest Rating127216161714
Average Rating118613121373
Lowest Rating109310931093
Opponent Average Rating143215211462
Games Rated38106245
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  • Highest Rating excludes provisional (first 20) games.
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  • Last refreshed on 24 Aug '14 .

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