Graham Nicholls

Rating 1022

About Graham Nicholls

Average club player 20 years ago, but not played since, so very rusty. Enjoying playing again. Don't say you'll not claim timeouts, then claim when you go a knight down. You know who you are.
I seem to play well for a week or two, then crash and burn. Member of the Christian club, but don't get the wrong idea - I'm as (apolitically) liberal as they come. Jesus was someone with the highest personal standards, but who accepted everyone who came to Him, so honest, or with a "history", gay, straight, rich (well he had a few things to say about that one) , poor, married, divorced, single, employed or not, He longs to welcome us with open arms. I can't bear the Christian right, but I won't hold that against you if we play (or if we chat).

Sorry for what looks like a "rating ambush". I'm probably realistically around 1600 when I take the time. (OK, realistically 1400 :-) The dip you'll see is due to a bout of depression, when playing was just too much work. I'm not trying to win tournaments by entering at a much lower level than I'm really worth - that would be childish. Trouble is, to get games you have to enter tournaments, and they're often restricted by rating.

Oh, and skulls. Yes, I'll time you out if I'm winning - especially if I'm miles ahead. If I think it's drawn or lost, then I'll try not to, but please respond to a reminder.

Good luck in our games. Let's make beautiful chess!

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  • The Christian Chess Club

    We are becoming active again. If you want multi-tourneys at 1 time, let me know the preferred time controls.

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