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Accepting challenges from rated 1100 to 1850
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Hi, I'm a 62 YO male Virgin with, err, two daughters and three Grandchildren. I stopped playing Chess years ago because I could never find anyone to play. This website is a god send. Proud creator of the Crystal Palace Allstars. Prefer to play pawn stars as I think we should all support the site. After-all $30 for a whole year of fun is excellent value.

I will claim timeouts if I think you are delaying.

Highest rating 1729.

And to those of you that feel the need to cheat using programs to check/make your moves to win. Please congratulate your program(s) for beating me you sad F***s.

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5343 games

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2670 games

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2673 games

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Games Played5439
In Progress19
All Moves194235
Moves This Month1040
Tourn. Entry Rating1446
Vacation rem' 202236 days

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5343 games


2780 games


2329 games


234 games

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172 games


5 games


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Highest Rating146115001593
Average Rating139013811463
Lowest Rating130712571257
Opponent Average Rating137113841423
Games Rated1032941678
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