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When people call us revolutionary
They're just tryin' to see
All that we choose

When all we want is everybody free
The universe would be one brotherhood

It isn't wrong to be prepared to fight
Together to unite if we believe
In giving everything our heart and soul
Until we reach the goal we should achieve

It shouldn't matter if we're brown or white
Yellow or black as night to anyone
We're all born equal with the self same rights
Sharing the same daylight under the sun

If loving freedom makes me quality
Of opportunity is where revolutionary
Constantly, fervently, firmly
David Bowie

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Games Played15658
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All Moves598548
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Tourn. Entry Rating800

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15607 games


10841 games


3919 games


847 games

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1105 games


35 games


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Highest Rating8008001437
Average Rating8008001178
Lowest Rating800800800
Opponent Average Rating8148141116
Games Rated111462
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