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Heroic Metool

Rating (1705)
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About Heroic Metool

I'm 24, been playing chess on a regular basis since I was 14. I used to play on a lot on OTB tournaments, but now I have other priorites and play only one or two tournaments per year. I still love the game, though, and that's why I decided to start playing correspondence chess.

I only have 6 slots for games, so I'll take skulls as soon as I see them. Nothing personal, it's just that playing is a lot more fun than waiting.

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197 games

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77 games

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120 games

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All Games Played198
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All Moves7191
Moves This Month0
Tournament Entry Rating1705

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197 games


126 games


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18 games

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18 games


10 games


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Highest Rating176817681843
Average Rating173717251762
Lowest Rating170516861686
Opponent Average Rating171916721703
Games Rated81686
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