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About Huseyinyeten

I am Huseyin from Cyprus. I started to play in 1983. Since 1987 I have been an arbiter. I am a FIDE Arbiter now. Because of the Covid-19 as you do know we are locked in. so I started to study the game and try to play. I do enjoy playing with people that I never met and don't know anything about how they play. I am a National coach with the goal of becoming FIDE trainer soon.

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132 games

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70 games

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62 games

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All Games Played134
In Progress1
All Moves4283
Moves This Month199
Tourn. Entry Rating1915

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132 games


123 games


5 games


4 games

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1 games


0 games


90 days1 Year5 Years
Highest Rating192019201920
Average Rating189918021802
Lowest Rating187816331633
Opponent Average Rating147614291429
Games Rated30130130
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